Energy Saving and Water Saving for Hospital Clean Project

The consumption of energy and water in hospital is much higher, hospital should adopt strictly energy saving measurements .

First, power, heat and water supply departments should be as close to the load center as possible to reduce transmission distance and energy consumption.

The construction layout should have regular configuration , reduce the heat loss of the periphery. According to the regional climate conditions, as far as possible to use natural lighting and ventilation, and  do not too dependent on air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.

According to thermal calculation, thermal resistance of the outer protective structure and windows and doors are selected to reduce the heat loss.

Renewable energy sources, such as passive or active solar thermal power and wind power generation and some new environmentally friendly fuel, are encouraged in conditional areas to reduce energy consumption.

Use effective measures such as building self-control and division measurement to reduce electricity, thermal energy and water energy consumption, select and match water-saving sanitary ware, electric induction faucet and spring self-closing faucet, etc.

Effective measures like building automation system, branch measurement are adpoted when condition are available. Choosing water-saving sanitary ware, electric induction faucet, spring self-closing faucet and so on, to reduce electricity, heat and water energy consumption.

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