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Our cleanroom solution consists of design, installation, commissioning and validation of cleanroom system, as well as the supply of OT equipment and devices, stainless steel cabinets, operation table, tower, ………….


Cleanroom Components

A: Structure:  Cleanroom Enclosure

1: Ceiling Panel

2: Wall Panel

3: Windows

4: Door


B: HVAC:  HVAC system is the main part of the whole cleanroom system, the key data like temperature, humidity, airflow, cleanliness class are tightly related to HVAC system.

1: AHU

2: Ducting

3: Piping

4: Chiller

5: Humidifier


C: Electric:   1: Lighting

2: Switches/Sockets/Cables/wires/

3: Power Distribution Cabinet/


D: Auto-control:  1: PLC Controller

2: sensors for humidity and temperature

3: Control Panel


E: Flooring:   1:  PVC Floor



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Operation Theater

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