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  • Because of one-top cleanroom solution, professional service, and more importantly,  good impression on the phase-1 project, we choose Success Way as our cleanroom constructor again for our new pharmaceutical plants.
    Production Manager from Nigeria
  • SW is a very trusted cleanroom solution provider. Many years ago, I met SW and we have been keeping a very good relation with each other.
    CEO from Algeria
  • Thanks to Success Way, our pharma plant can be put into use before our proposed deadline. Its construction efficiency was really amazing!  Their turnkey solution also save us many efforts and time. Really thanks!
    Production Manager from Iran

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Energy Saving and Water Saving for Hospital Clean Project
Energy Saving and Water Saving for Hospital Clean Project
September 12, 2018

The consumption of energy and water in hospital is much higher, hospital should adopt. Continue reading

What Features does the FFU in Clean Laboratory Have?
September 11, 2018

The FFU Features: Low energy consumption, low noise, convenience and flexibility , saving space. Continue reading

The Application Range of Different Cleanliness of Clean Operating Room
September 11, 2018

Class I special clean operating room, applies to arthroplasty, organ transplantation, Brain surgery, Cardiac surgery,. Continue reading

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