About Project:

Our cleanroom solution consists of design, installation, commissioning and validation of cleanroom system, as well as the supply of lab equipment and devices, biosafety cabinet, pass box, etc.

Cleanroom Components

A: Structure:  Cleanroom Enclosure

1: Ceiling Panel

2: Wall Panel

3: Windows

4: Door


B: HVAC:  HVAC system is the main part of the whole cleanroom system, the key data like temperature, humidity, airflow, cleanliness class are tightly related to HVAC system.

1: AHU

2: Ducting

3: Piping

4: Chiller

5: Humidifier


C: Electric:   1: Lighting

2: Switches/Sockets/Cables/wires/

3: Power Distribution Cabinet/


D: Auto-control:  1: PLC Controller

2: sensors for humidity and temperature

3: Control Panel


E: Flooring:    1: Epoxy Floor

2: P VC Floor


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