What Features does the FFU in Clean Laboratory Have?

The FFU Features: Low energy consumption, low noise, convenience and flexibility , saving space and easy installation

Low Energy Consumption: According to the components of FFU, only the mini-fan needs to consume energy,  and the power of the micro fan is normally between 110W and 190w. Although the initial investment of FFU is higher than the use of duct ventilation, but in the later operation, the outstanding performance of energy-saving, maintenance-free and so on. Usually the circulating air volume of clean room is very large. Take the clean room whose area is 100m2, the height is 3m, and the air cleanliness grade is ISO6 (i.e. 1000 grade). For example, the ventilation frequency of clean room, whose air cleanliness is ISO 6 grade, is stipulated in the Design Code for Clean Workshop (GB500073-2001) is 50 to 60 times per hour. The total circulation air volume is 16500 CMH and the fresh air volume is 3000 CMH.

Low Noise: 《Noise Standard in Urban Area of the People’s Republic of China》stipulates that 65 dB (A) in the day and 55 dB (A) in the night in industrial areas. At present, the noise of fans in the market is generally 65~90 dB (A), and some even reach 100 dB (A), if the AHU system is used, it is easy to exceed the standard of noise, resulting in noise pollution. The noise level of FFU is generally at 45~55dB (A), so that it will not worry that its noise will exceed the standard.

Convenience and flexibility: Because FFU is equipped with a mini fan, it is not restricted by the region, and can be controlled according to the needs. With the continuous progress of science technology, especially the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, the requirement of air cleanliness grade in clean room is getting higher and higher, so the upgrading of clean room air cleanliness grade is inevitable trend. If the original clean air conditioning mode is MAU+AHU+HEPA, the so-called clean room upgrading means reconstruction, because the transformation is related to the difficulty of construction and the destruction of the original ceiling and ceiling pipes during the construction process, the final investment and reconstruction investment is not much different, and the control of the temperature and humidity in the clean room is proposed for higher requirements. In addition, it is also not conducive to energy conservation. But if the original system uses MAU + FFU + DC dry coil air conditioning mode, because the total amount of circulating air in the clean room is the total amount of FFU air, and FFU installation is with the ceiling skeleton, clean room upgrade is to increase the number of FFU on the clean ceiling. Because there are few ducts in the system, the manufacture and installation of ducts are omitted, the difficulty of construction is greatly reduced, and the construction period is greatly shortened. The market share of a product is largely determined by the time it enters the market. The earlier it enters, the easier it is to occupy the market and see the profits. And any investor wants to get a return in the shortest time, which reflects the advantages of FFU system.

In addition, for example, in a production process, the required air cleanliness level is not reached in the clean room, and upgrading the clean room level is too wasteful or unnecessary, we can utilize the characteristics of FFU, to create a clean room air supply unit to improve the local cleanliness level (such as FFU laminar flow hood).

Saving Space: Because AHU system has many ducts, coupled with water supply and drainage, fire fighting and technology and many other pipelines make the clean room ceiling intricate, This brings inconvenience to inspection and repair. Because the FFU system only has fresh air supply pipe and is not many, so the space in the ceiling is much less pipeline and orderly, natural occupied space is also reduced, leaving a lot of effective space for future inspection and maintenance and clean room upgrading.

Easy Install: Usually the ceiling of clean room with FFU system is fixed with suspended ceiling skeleton. When we choose the clean ceiling, as long as its size, suspended ceiling skeleton spacing and FFU shape size coincide, so as to install FFU on the suspended ceiling skeleton, not only easy and fast installation, but also in the clean room The same size as the ceiling is neat and beautiful.

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