Product Description


1.   SUS304 or baking finished steel plate, smooth and flush surface;

2.  Top supply with H14 HEPA (99.995%~99.999%@0.3um), achieving  Class 100 cleanliness;

3.   Interlocking double doors to prevent from cross-contamination;

4.   Dedicated sanitary silica gel sealing strip to ensure air tightness;

5.   The UV sterilization light meets all GMP requirements;

6.   Safe structural design, easy installation, very fit and match with cleanrooms.

Technical Specification:

Model SW-DPB-1
Internal Dimension 500*500*500
W*D*H(mm) 600*600*600
External Dimension Internal Width+185/160/220;
   W*D*H(mm) Internal Depth+70;
Internal Height+400/420
Door  Type Extrusion
Interlocking Type Mechanical/Electrical/Magnetic
Hinge Hinge/Door Spindle
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz  Single-phase
Sterilization Light 10W/15W
Cleanliness ISO5(FS209E Class100)
DOP Test Port Optional
Differential  Pressure Gauge Optional