The requirements of facilities, equipment and material in clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab) 4-3

Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab)should be isolated in buildings (with access control) or independent buildings. And the selection of special equipment installation in the planning of clean laboratory should be paid attention to as follows:

1) Class II or Class III Bio-safety Cabinet should be provided which should conform to the Safety and Work Requirements. Its installation location should be far away from polluted area entrance and frequent walk area.

2) Low-temperature high-speed centrifuges or other equipment that may produce aerosols should be placed in negative pressure hood or other exhaust devices (ventilators, exhaust hood, etc.), and the aerosols that may be produced should be exhausted through HEPA Filter.

3) A high pressure steam sterilizer which doesn’t exhaust steam or other Sterilizing device should be installed in the contaminated area.

4) An indoor pressure display device with alarm function should be installed at the prominent position of the laboratory entrance to display the negative pressure status of the polluted and semi-polluted areas. When the negative pressure deviates from control range, the pressure display device will alarm personnel who is inside or outside Lab through sound and light. The display of air resistance of HEPA filter should also be installed.

5) Back-up power should be provided to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the laboratory operation.

6) Wash device should be installed at the outlet of contaminated areas and semi-contaminated areas. Water supply for washing device should be non manual switches. Back-flow preventer should be installed in water supply pipes. Floor Drains should not be installed in Laboratory. The sewer should be completely segregated from the building's sewer line and clearly marked. The water should be directly collected into an independent liquid disinfection system and disposed of after effective disinfection.


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