Code for Design of Electrical System in Clean Project of Infectious Disease Hospitals

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To guarantee double power supply, both can be 100% load power supplied, and one repair or failure, the other is non-stopping power. If the conditions are limited, it shall be self provided emergency power to supply for the following loads.

Operation department, delivery room and nursery

ICU, Hematodialysis room, Dispensing Blood Room

Emergency departments and places where power supply must be continued

Incubator, refrigerator, thermostat and medical instrument that must be continuously supplied

Fire electrical load

ICU and Power Distribution in Operation room should adopt double power supply terminal mutual switching automatic control, and adopt local IT ungrounded system.

The electric load such as sewage disposal, incinerator, central supply, morgue, vacuum suction and compressor, large-scale radiation or radiotherapy equipment are all supplied by special lines. Fire-resistant cables or fire-resistant bus bars should be used for fire distribution lines.

Ventilation equipment for breathing infectious disease wards should be supplied by special line and centrally controlled in nursing station.

The illuminance should be high lighting color source which is used in consulting room, therapeutic room, examination room and ward. Installation of aisle lights in wards and nursing units should avoid glare of lying in bed patients. Illumination standard should conform to hospital design code and related standard.

Emergency lighting should adopt double power supply terminal mutual switching automatic control, emergency lighting system should be equipped with battery, and power supply time should be not less than 30 minutes. In addition to meeting fire requirements, emergency lighting should also maintain appropriate illumination in medical places.

A large number of ultraviolet sterilization lamps are installed: polluted corridors, washrooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, ICU, operation rooms are equipped with ultraviolet sterilization lamps, and with other lighting uses separately are controlled by switches. Socket should be installed in ward for mobile ultraviolet sterilization lamp.

The protective pipe of wires, bus bar grooves or crane span should be sealed reliably to prevent cross infection

Doctor and nurse should have call-to-talk system, communication system, cable television system; teaching hospitals should set up closed-circuit television teaching system; preventing unrelated personnel from entering and leaving places should be set up access control system.

The TN-C-S and TN-5 system should be adopted, The PE line and the N line of the low voltage main distribution panel (box) should be strictly separated.

Total equipotential bonding should be adopted. ICU, operation room, treatment room, shower room or bathroom with bath function should adopt local equipotential connection.

In addition to conforming to this code, it should also conform to national standardization and regulation of standard.


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