The Classification and Performance of Wash Sank in Operating Room and Clean room

The clean wash sink produced by Success Way is applicable to the institution which needs hand cleaning, such as clean operating room, electronic clean workshop and biological clean laboratory. The products we produce have corresponding standards applies to these institutions.

Wash Sank

Wash sank introduction:

1.Clean wash sank: installed in cleanroom and related controlled environment. It’s an equipment for cleaning hand.
2.Medical wash sank: applied to hospital operating department and some where has special requirement for cleaning hands. Generally equipped with automatic induction water outlet device, brush box, soap dispenser, mirror and constant temperature water outlet device.
The product is divided into two types according to the usage: automatic induction clean wash sank and common clean wash sank


Operating performance of wash sank are as follows:
1.The way of water and hand washing liquid supply for medical cleaning wash sank adopt sensitivity, which is be completed by sensor  automatically.
2.The hot water supply of  the medical wash sank is discharged by electric water heater, and the water temperature can be adjusted.
3.Medical wash sank can be equipped with a separate mirror which is convenient for medical staff to check protective clothing. Mirror headlamp should adopt induction switch.
4.A splash net is placed at the bottom of the medical wash sank to prevent  splashing water and polluting to medical staff.
5.An exclusive clean floor drain for clean room should be installed at the bottom of medical wash sank to prevent pollution and infection.
6.Put the sink on thehorizontal ground, the opening of the door should not be unbalanced, the door switch has no jam or obstruction, the door lock and the bolt are closed and flexible
7.All induction switches, sensitive in action.



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