Code for Design of HVAC in Purification Project of Infectious Disease Hospitals (2)

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Air Handling:Supply and exhaust air in negative pressure isolation ward, operation room, ICU should be tertiary handled through primary, medium, high efficiency filter.

The Air Filter should be installed in exhaust air duct which is between room and general exhaust air system, to remove pathogenic particles from the air before air is exhausted to general exhaust air duct.

The air supply and exhaust system should be equipped with multistage filtration, it is necessary to ensure that the air supply and exhaust volume of the ventilation system can still meet the pressure gradient requirement of each area when the final resistance of the filter is reached.

Filter should be equipped with pressure difference detection alarm device, in order to replace the filter in time, to ensure that the system operates within the design range of air volume.

The outer envelope (wall, roof, floor, door and window) of the negative pressure isolation ward should be constructed with tight joints construction materials. The pressure-independent fixed air valve should be installed on the air supply and exhaust duct of the ward, so that the air supply and exhaust volume of the ward will not be affected by the pressure fluctuation of the air duct, and the negative pressure of the ward will be reliable and stable.

Negative pressure isolation wards should be equipped with pressure difference sensors to detect the negative pressure, or used to automatically adjust the air supply and exhaust volume of the ventilation system without setting the air valve.

Operation room, ICU and high-precision medical equipment rooms should also be negative pressure areas.

Negative pressure isolation wards, operation rooms, ICU and high-precision medical equipment rooms should be used air-conditioning.

Negative pressure isolation wards, operation rooms and ICU should adopt fresh DC air-conditioning system.

On the basis of setting air supply and exhaust system, the high precision medical equipment room is equipped with independent air conditioning units (or constant temperature and humidity units) according to the temperature and humidity requirements of the equipment.

If a place is conditional to set central air conditioning, small space (clinic, ward, medical office) can be combined with air supply and exhaust system to make fan coil system.

Fresh air DC air conditioning system should consider the possibility of return air in the absence of air-borne pathogens to save hospital operating costs.

The condensate of air conditioning in hospitals should be collected centrally and treated with waste and sewage disposal in different districts.



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