Code for Design of HVAC in Purification Project of Infectious Disease Hospitals (1)

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Central heating should be set up in heating areas. Heating way should be radiator heating.

Infectious disease hospitals or infectious diseases areas should have natural ventilation condition.

Air curtain should not be set up in every door.

Mechanical ventilation system should be set up in Infectious disease hospitals or infectious diseases areas.

Mechanical supply air and exhaust air system of hospital clean area, semi-contamination area and contamination area should be st up according to different areas.

Screening of hospital entrance and emergency department, its ventilation system should be separately set up.

Mechanical air supply and exhaust system should reduce the pressure from clean area→semi-contamination area→contamination area in turn, clean area is positive pressure area, contamination area is negative pressure area. The supply air volume in clean area is larger than exhaust air volume and the exhaust air volume in the contamination area is larger than supply air volume.

In order to achieve the required air flow direction which is determined by pressure difference, it depends on the supply and exhaust airflow difference and the degree of air tightness in building envelope.

Room ventilation volume: the minimum Ventilation times 6 times/hour.

Air Distribution: air distribution should prevent short circuit in upper air supply and exhaust system. The location of air supply and exhaust outlet should make clean air flow through the possible working area of medical staff in the room first, and then flow through the infection source into the exhaust air outlet.

The air supply outlet should be set at the upper part, the air outlet in the contaminated area (ward) should be set at the lower part of the room, and the bottom of the air outlet should be no less than 100 mm from the floor.

Room Negative Pressure: In order to keep the room negative pressure in contaminated area, the exhaust air volume should be at least 10% larger than the supply air volume (the difference should not be less than 85m3/h (50CFM)).

Exhaust air in wards bathroom should not be through shared shaft exhausted, and should be considered in combination with ward ventilation.

Check valves should be installed in the exhaust duct between the room and the main exhaust air system to prevent cross-contamination of the air in each room.

If conditions permit, a number of additional negative pressure isolation wards should be set up to accommodate patients with severe respiratory infections (those infected with lethal viral pathogens through the air).


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