Construction technology of antistatic PVC floor in clean room project (2-2)

This article mainly introduce another part for construction technology of antistatic PVC floor .

operating room

. Scratching conductive primer

1. Checking whether the self-leveling of cement is qualified first, and whether the error is less than 2mm in the range of 2m straightedge.When unqualified  phenomenon comes to large area , the unqualified area should be polished. If there is a small area of damage, it can be repaired with atomic ash.

2. Absorbing dust to clean the ground. Scraping gluon by a specific conductive adhesive, and make sure to scrape evenly without leakage (it takes 10-20 minutes to dry after coating)


. Putting ground glue

1. Pouring the adhesive onto the ground after mixing it completely and spreading it evenly with a special scraper.

2. Before begin construction , adhesive should form the outer membrane, the area of coating adhesive should be finished construction within 1 hour, so the large of  coating area should be considered in advance.


. Laying Floor

1.The pulp material must be placed in advance for more than 24 hours and placed in the same direction as the arrow.Coil material shall be constructed according to production line number.

2. Select a point for laying, then laying from the center of the mounting line outward.

3.Pay attention to the paving, do not make the joint too close to avoid warping the edge, and do not make the gap too large. Standard for gap can be put a copy of the paper into gap is appropriate.

4. After laying, make air out and press evenly with iron wheel. Making air in floor joints and wall edge out by small roller pressure.

5. After laying floor finished, it must not have become warped edge, bubble, rise drum, joint is too big situation appears.



1. After glue solidifies, it is the second day commonly, open seam with special machine, in order to make welding firm, open seam depth must not exceed floor thickness, open joint should not exceed 3.5mm. All dust inside the groove must be cleared when welding.

2.Using PV electrode with diameter of 3.5mm to weld. The connection between welding electrodes should be well to prevent the lifting of welding rod. Removing the additional part which above the horizontal part by knife.


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