Electrical Performance of Pass Box in Pharmaceutical Clean Room, Electronic Clean Room and Medical Clean Room.

Success Way Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is professional cleanroom turnkey solution provider which has accumulated over 40 years’ experience in clean room and related controlled environment.

The pass box produced by success way is suitable for use between rooms with air isolation requirements such as electronic clean room and pharmaceutical clean room. The products we produce have corresponding corporate standards.


Electrical performance of pass through: main power supply, fan unit and lighting should be switched off or connected to the pole of the power supply at the same time. The switch should pass safety certification; The total power supply, fan, lighting and so on. should be provided with circuit breakers.


Control and display: the use of state indicator, self-cleaning time or blowing time regulator and time display window shall be set according to the requirements of the pass box function.

Air speed: the air speed of clean pass box should be in the range of 0.25-0.45m/s.

Cleanliness: When the clean pass box is working normally, the cleanliness in the channel is generally ISO 5, and the user has special requirements according to user requirements.

Noise:There is a fan in the pass box. When the fan is open, transfer window is in the closed state, the noise value measured at the lateral center level of the door should not be bigger than 65 dB(A).

Leakage current: Leakage current that can touch the surface shall not be bigger than 10 mA.

Ground resistance: The resistance value between the touching metal surface and the "ground" plug of the power plug shall not exceed 0.1 Ω.

Voltage resistance: The voltage between the charged part and the metal shell should be able to withstand 1500V.

Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the power input and the conductive part of the housing or exposed part shall not be less than 2.0 MΩ.

Door interlock function: A) Doors at two sides of pass box shall be interlocked. Open the door at either end of the pass box, the other end door can not be opened;

B) When the pass box is out of power or the door's self-locking function fails, the two end doors should be opened manually.


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