The Relative Terms of Quality Standard for Sandwich Panel in Cleanroom

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Rock sandwich panel


Success Way Clean Technology Co., Ltd. set quality standard for sandwich panel in clean room, The quality standard is applicable for wall panel in envelop enclosure, ceiling panel and other sandwich panel which are in cleanroom and related controlled environment. The explanation of relative terms is as follows:


Sandwich panel

It is self-supported clad plate which is composed of duplex metallic or nonmetallic surface and adiabatic material

bonded between two metallic or nonmetallic surfaces.


Fireproof Iimit

Under this condition of standard fireproof experiment, construction unit, accessories or hardware will be affected during the period from the fire to losing stability, integrality or heat insulation.


Bond strength

It is the maximum load when unit area of sandwich panel and core material separated, the Unit is MPa.


Flexural loading capacity

Sandwich panel is under the condition of standard support space, it will be arrived at required-deflection load when adding load. Unit is kN/m2


Non-thermal damage

It is not goods and equipments damage which is caused by the release of heat from combustion in fire. Non-thermal damage is an important part of the fire loss, and most particular fire loss in clean room. The normal Non-thermal damage is the corrosion of valuables and equipment caused by acid mist which is formed by the combination of fire smoke and fire water.


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