Energy-saving Clean Operation Room Classification

The energy-saving clean operation room developed by “Success Way” is applicable to the renovation and expansion of clean room in various hospitals,our energy-saving clean operating room ensures the operating room temperature, humidity, cleanliness and other environmental indicators as a prerequisite,its operational energy can be lower 30 to 50% than traditional primary return air system and secondary return air system.

Operation Theater


Energy-saving efficiency: Under the same area and the same load conditions, according to working 8 hours per day for 365 consecutive days, when it comes to the same temperature, humidity, cleanliness indicators, the ratio of energy consumption difference between the energy-saving clean operation room and the traditional secondary air- cleaning operating room to the consumption of the traditional secondary air-cleaning operating room.

Cleanroom for Operation Theater

Clean operating rooms are divided into four classes, and the air cleanliness class is their guaranteed

essential condition. Under dynamic and static condition, the bacterial concentration and air cleanliness class are as follows:

The bacterial concentration and air cleanliness class:

Class Sedimentation method(The Floating Method)  Bacterial Concentration (Maximum Average) Air Cleanliness Class
Operation  Area Surrounding Area Operation Area Surrounding Area

(5 cfu/m3)


(10 cfu/m3)

ISO 5 Class ISO 6 Class

(25 cfu/m3)


(50 cfu/m3)

ISO 6 Class ISO 7 Class

(75 cfu/m3)


(150 cfu/m3)

ISO 7 Class ISO 8 Class
6cfu/30min·Φ90皿 ISO 8.5 Class


Success Way provides one-stop air purification technical resolution in domestic and overseas clean room and related controlled environment based on continually innovative and excellent technology as well as client and quality first concept.

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