The classification of Air Shower for Food Dust-free Workshop & Clean Room Laboratory


The Air Shower of Success Way is widely used in Food Dust-free Workshop & Clean Room Laboratory, which conform to related standard. Air Show is a clean room equipment that blows out high air velocity from nozzles and blow off the surface dust of cloths for clean room workers. Air Shower is consist of case, pre-filter, HEPA filter, circulation fan and nozzles.



According to the purpose and classification, the equipment is classified into human body surface cleaning air shower and cargo surface cleaning air shower.


The air shower room can be classified into a small air shower room and a aisle air shower room according to the different blowing ways.


Small air shower room:

An air shower room. Worker shall stand still or spin around where equipped with the nozzle on both sides (or at the top) to accept the high speed clean air shower within stipulated time to complete surface purification. Small air Shower room classified to single person air Shower, double person air shower, multi-person air shower and cargo air shower.


Aisle air shower room:

An air showering device. When Worker accept the high speed clean air show in aisle, they are requested to walk slowly and make sure stay in more than 9 seconds to complete surface purification.


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