What is the main technical parameters and equipment of the energy-saving clean operating room?

Success Way Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is professional cleanroom turnkey solution provider which has accumulated over 40 years’ experience in clean room and related controlled environment.

The energy-saving clean operation room developed by “Success Way” is applicable to the renovation and expansion of clean room in various hospitals,our energy-saving clean operating room ensures the operating room temperature, humidity, cleanliness and other environmental indicators as a prerequisite,its operational energy can be lower 30 to 50% than traditional primary return air system and secondary return air system.

Energy-saving clean operation room main technical parameters are as follows:











Energy-saving clean operation room Equipments:

Name of equipment Minimum Equipment quantity
Shadowless Lamp 1set/room
Operation Table 1set/room
Timer 1pc/room
Medicine Gas Source Device 2sets/room
Anesthesia Gas Discharge Device 1set/room
Medical Hanging Tower、hanging bracket According to requirement
Hands-free intercom 1 set/room
View Film(recessed) or Terminal display According to request

Insulation Cabinet
1 set
Medicine Cabinet(recessed) 1 set/room
Instrument Cabinet(recessed) 1 set/room
Anesthesia Cabinet(recessed) 1 set/room
Purification air conditioning parameter display control panel 1 pc
Micromanometer(minimum resolution: 1Pa) 1 set
Record Board 1 pc/room


Success Way provides one-stop air purification technical resolution in domestic and overseas clean room and related controlled environment based on continually innovative and excellent technology as well as client and quality first concept.

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