How to select air shower?

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Air shower is mainly used to blow down pollutant from people or cargo via internal recycling to achieve purifying function.How to select a better air shower for us?

First of all,as we know that air shower generally can be divided into 3 types based on material.

1、Powder coated steel plate as material

2、Stainless steel as material

3、Sandwich panel as material

So material and model of air shower should be noticed when select air shower below.

Electronics Factory

Powder coated air shower is generally used in electronics factory. This kind of material have anti-static and anti-radiation function,and its price is also middle,properly used in a little more static place.But its steel plate would be oxidized to cause rust once powder drops to expose surface sheet.

Food/Pharmaceuticals Industry

Stainless steel or sandwich panel air shower is generally used in food/pharmaceuticals industry.Stainless steel have many features such as decent and nice appearance,anti-corrosion,anti-rust and good reliability, properly used in a little wetter environment or the place filled with corrosive gas or liquid and have long service life totally.Sandwich panel is also called anti-static steel plate,which is made up of foam as core material and double-side steel sheet.It is cheap,lightweight and easy to install.It can extremely reduce purchase cost,but it can be corrosive and oxidized and have short service life,properly used in small-scale company.

Personnel/Cargo Air Shower

There are 2 types of air shower for personnel and cargo.

Personnel air shower is generally to consider 25 personnel as fundamental unit.Should select single person air shower generally when the personnel quantity is under 25 while double person air shower when the personnel quantity is in between 25 and 50.To judge it according to this method.

Cargo air shower is a kind of equipment to clean some items.It doesn’t have base plate and its size depends on the cart,which load and unload cargo.This kind of equipment is easy to install and select material and would be a tendency in the future.


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