Performance Testing Environment of Pass Box in Pharmaceutical Clean Room, Electronic Clean Room and Medical Clean Room

Success Way Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is professional clean room turnkey solution manufacturer which has accumulated over 40 years’ experience in clean room and related controlled environment.  Success way has a R&D team of clean room experts, senior engineer, and graduates as well as experienced technicians. Our projects are covered in operating room、pharmaceutical cleanrooms、laboratory clean room、industrial clean room hardware etc.

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The pass box produced by success way is suitable for use between rooms with air isolation requirements such as electronic clean room and pharmaceutical clean room. The products we produce have corresponding corporate standards.


The performance test should be conducted in the laboratory that meets the following environmental requirements: temperature: 5 °C ~ 40 °C; Relative humidity: 30 % to 85 %.

Testing power: power supply voltage deviation: ± 10 % of rated voltage; Power frequency deviation: ± 2 Hz(based on rated frequency).

Test instrument: the test instrument should be sent regularly to a testing institution with verification qualifications for verification. After the test instrument is verified and corrected, it can be used by people and should be within the specified validity period.

The following instruments are required for testing:

A) Dust particle counter, sampling flow should be larger than or equal to 2.83 L/min;

B) Thermosphere anemometer with a measurement error of less than 5 per cent;

C) Sound level meter, measurement range should be 40dB(A) ~ 100dB(A);

D) Leakage current meter: measuring range 0mA to 20mA with an error of less than 5 %;

E) Ground resistance tester: measuring range 0Ω ~ 0.25 Ω, accuracy ± 1 %;

F) Pressure resistance tester, output 50Hz, basic sine wave 1500V voltage, and duration can be set in the LS ~ 60s range;

G) Insulation resistor meter, measuring voltage 500V DC, measuring pass circumference 0Ω ~ 500MΩ;

H) Pressure differential gauge, measuring range 0Pa ~ 600 Pa;


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