Installation for Sandwich Panel in Clean Room

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The sandwich panel in clean room produced by Success Way Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is applicable for wall panel in envelop enclosure structure, ceiling panel which are in cleanroom and related controlled environment. The installation way is as follows:


1  The material, varieties, specifications and performance of plates and core material of sandwich panel should be inspected before installation for wall and ceiling panels, and verify whether the design requirement can be met; if necessary, the sampling performance should be tested.


2  The concealed work should be checked and accepted which is finished work on ceiling and in sandwich wall before installation for wall and ceiling panels, after reaching the qualified requirements, the construction of wall and ceiling panels can be carried out.


3  When the ceiling and wall panels are installed, HEPA outlet, the connected outlet of lamps, temperature and smoke-sensing element, loudspeakers, door, window and pipes, their outlet should be smooth, tight, clean and dust-free production. Their gap should be blocked by noncombustible materials; the outlet surrounding should be well sealed when inspected.


4  The panel gap of ceiling and wall panels should be well-distributed and well-sealed by sealant. The sealed place should be flat, smooth and lower than panel surface.


5  The wall panel should be vertical installed, the ceiling panel should be horizontal installed, the panel surface should be smooth and the position is correct, the connected place for wall to floor, wall to ceiling, wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling, should have reasonable structure, to make sure it well sealed and prevent cracking.


6  The verticality of panel installation should be≤1.5mm, surface evenness should be≤1.5mm, the height difference of seams between panel and panel should be≤1.0mm.


7   After installation of the panel, it should be protected against collision and damage of surface.


8  The panel surface should be flat, smooth and with consistent color, the resist film of panel surface should also be intact and the film should be torn off before hand over.


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