The Clean Air Conditioning System of Energy – saving Clean Operating Room

The energy-saving clean operation room developed by “Success Way” is applicable to the renovation and expansion of clean room in various hospitals. Our energy saving clean operating room adopts clean air conditioning system. The make-up unit is the first choice for  the heat load, humidity load and indoor load in the operating room. The low-noise circulating fan is responsible for filtering the indoor air, and the dry coil adjusts the load changes in each operating room.

operating room


Class Ⅰ、Ⅱ clean operation room should adopt an independent clean air condition system. 2 to 3  class Ⅲ、Ⅳ clean operation rooms should use one clean air condition system. Each operating room should have independent  exhaust system which is interlock their corresponding air supply system. If the condition permitted, install air volume constant device in supply、return、fresh、exhaust air system. Upon Class Ⅲ (including ClassⅢ ) clean operating room supply air outlet should set on the top of the operating table.


Clean air condition system have 4 air filters:

The first stage is pre- filter which is set in negative pressure section of make-up unit or in fresh air port.

The second is medium filter which is set in positive pressure section of make-up unit.

The third is Sub-HEPA filter, it is in the front of air outlet section of make-up unit.

The last stage is HEPA filter, it is near the end of system or close to the plenum chamber.


Setup requirements of fresh air outlets of the air conditioning system in the clean operating room:

  1.  fresh air outlets with good rainproof performance should be adopted;
  2.  The speed of fresh air inlet net section no more than 3m/s;
  3.  The fresh air portshall be no less than 2.5m from the ground or roof; it shall no less than 6m from the exhaust port in the vertical direction, no less than 8m from the exhaust port in the horizontal direction.And fresh air port should installed in clean area which is on the upwind side of exhaust port.
  4. Fresh air outlets shall not be located in the machine room and shall not be located at the corner between the two walls;
  5. Air supply and exhaust pipe shall be equippedwith airtightness air valve.


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