The requirements of facilities, equipment and material in clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab) 4-2

Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab)should be isolated in buildings (with access control) or independent buildings.  Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab)should be noticed ventilation system in designing.


                                                                                                                                                              Ventilation System

1) Independent ventilation system should be set to control air flow direction and pressure gradient in laboratory.  It should be ensured that the air flow from the clean area to the polluted area when using the laboratory and that the laboratory air can only be filtered through a highly efficient exhaust duct.

2)The distribution of air supply and exhaust outlets should be opposite each other, and the air dead angle and eddy should be minimized in the polluted and semi-polluted areas.

3)The ventilation system should be straight-line type, and return air system should not be used.

4)The highly efficient filtered air discharged from the bio-safety cabinet can be exhausted directly through the system exhaust pipe. The pressure balance between the bio-safety cabinet and the exhaust system should be ensured.

5)The air supply in laboratory should be through primary, medium and high efficiency filtered, to make sure that static cleanliness in contamination area is class 7 or class 8.

6)The exhaust of laboratory should be highly efficient filtered and then released into the air. The external exhaust outlet should be far away from the air supply outlet and set in the downwind direction of the main wind. It should be at least 2m higher than the building where it is located. It should be designed to prevent rain, mice and insects, but it should not affect the direct discharge to the upper air.

7)HEPA should be set at the end of air supply duct and begin of exhaust duct。

8)The Installation of HEPA in ventilation system should be firm and air tightness. HEPA should be sterilized before change or filters that can be replaced in airtight bags. It should be sterilized or burned immediately after replacement. After installation, replacement and maintenance, each high-efficiency filter shall be tested in accordance with the confirmed method, and at least once a year after operation to ensure its performance.

9)Airtight sealed valve should be installed in supply and exhaust air duct. If necessary, the valve can be completely closed for indoor chemical fumigation and sterilization.

10)Fan and starting automatic interlock device of bio-safety cabinet should be installed, to make sure that positive pressure can not be appeared in Lab and air flow in bio-safety cabinet should not be backwards flowed. Exhaust Fans, one is spared and one is for use.

11)The split AHU,heating and fan should not be installed in contaminated and semi-contaminated area.

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