The requirements of facilities, equipment and material in clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab) 4-4

Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab)should be isolated in buildings (with access control) or independent buildings. Environmental parameters and other points of attention in the planning of clean laboratories.

Environmental parameters

1) Relative to outdoor atmospheric pressure, the contaminated area is - 40Pa (nominal value), and keeps a safe and reasonable pressure difference with the bio-safety cabinet pressure and other devices. Maintain directional airflow and maintain uniform air pressure between different areas.

2) The temperature and humidity in the laboratory need to meet the work requirements and are suitable for personnel work.

3) The artificial lighting in the laboratory should meet the work requirements.

4) The noise in Lab should conform to national standard.



1)The experiment table should be waterproof, corrosion resistant and heat-resistant.

2)The furnitures in the laboratory should be strong. In order to facilitate cleaning, laboratory equipments  should be kept at a distance from each other

3)The pressure equipment in Lab(such as pumps, compressed gases, etc.) should not affect the effective  gradient of indoor negative pressure.

4)Communication system should be set in laboratory.

5)The Laboratory records and other information should be sent to the lab by fax or computer.

6)Shower device should be installed in the clean area. If necessary, emergency disinfection shower should  also be installed in semi-polluted area.


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