The requirements of facilities, equipment and material in clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab) 4-1

Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab)should be isolated in buildings (with access control) or independent buildings. Clean laboratory (BSL-3 Lab) should pay attention to layout and enclosure structure when designing.


1  Layout 

1) Clean laboratory consists of clean area, semi polluted and polluted area. Buffer rooms should be provided between polluted and semi polluted area. If necessary, Buffer rooms should be set between semi polluted and clean areas.

2)Safety door for emergency evacuation should be provided in semi polluted area.

3)Pass box should be set between polluted and semi polluted area, also between semi polluted and clean areas. The double doors of pass box can’t be opened at the same time. A physical sterilization device should be set in the pass box

2  Enclosure Structure

1) Internal surface of the enclosure structure in Lab should be smooth, corrosion resistant, waterproof and easy to clean and sterilize; all cracks should be sealed, shockproof and fireproof.

2) The wall of enclosure structure should be shockproof and fireproof.

3) The angle of ceiling, floor and wall should be circular arc and well sealed.

4) The floor should be leak proof, seams free, smooth and non slip.

5) All doors in Lab should be auto-closed set, the exit of lab should have clear identification when it is in darkness.

6)There should not be window s in enclosure structure, the inner window should be anti breaking and anti air leakage and safe.

7)All entrances and exits should be designed to prevent arthropods and rodents from entering.


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