How to select clean bench?

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clean bench is usually used in dust free workshop in order to make local process procedure to achieve ISO 5 cleanliness. Not only it is easy and convenient,but also economical and substantial. Clean bench is a device to achieve dust or bacterial free status on local work table according to process requirement. It can be divided into following types according to air distribution or exhaust air.

It can be divided into horizontal and vertical flow fume hood according to air distribution. How to make sure to select horizontal or vertical flow clean bench (laboratory fume hood) ?

Clean bench-horizontal 1


(1).Horizntal flow clean bench is properly used in some place, where process equipment can only block air distribution a little on the horizontal direction or where have a little smaller workpiece because it is easy to produce negative pressure at back side of workpiece to decrease purifying performance.


Clean bench- vertical 1


(2).Vertical flow clean bench is properly used in some place, where workpiece block air distribution a little on the vertical direction.


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